From the outset, we have considered that advice consists of direct accompaniment, whereby the employer has to materialize the idea of business by way of the effective management of resources and that the consultant has to constantly offer advice so as to optimize ideas, transforming them into effective business. This is conducted by a highly qualified and always up-to-date team, offering wide-ranging advice on areas relating to accounting, tax and economy.

We begin the relationship with our clients through an accounting and tax audit in order to understand the reality of the company. Subsequently, we establish a diagnosis and propose an accounting and tax plan according to the company and its requirements. In an initial meeting the guidelines are set out regarding the agreed planning, protocols of account-keeping, the connection of the accounting data with the firm, the schedule for future meetings, among other topics.

From that moment on, our department monitors, verifies and periodically checks accounts, preparing quarterly and/or annual declarations. With this accounting and fiscal data processed, we periodically track accounts in order to analyse the results and the current situation of the company.

We propose a wide range of solutions so that it is the Firm that adapts to the reality of the company, and not the other way around. In this way we can offer economic information to the company that is appropriate to its needs so that it can make the best decisions. We are not only dedicated to fulfilling the company’s accounting, fiscal, or mercantile obligations, but we also offer real and continuous economic support.

Héctor Rey Jurado (Socio Departamento Económico, Contable y Fiscal)

Colegiado nº 15789 del Colegio de Economistas de Catalunya y miembro nº 9.451 del Registro de Asesores Fiscales

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Administration.

Bachelor’s Degree in Labour Relations.

European Master Degree in Social Policy and Labour.

Postgraduate course in Social Security and Labour Law

Master in Taxation.

E-mail:  hector.rey@bufetedtr.com

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Our work consists in continuously monitoring the economic and fiscal aspects of the company, facilitated by fluid communication which allows our customers to make decisions quickly and effectively.
In order to achieve this, a thorough knowledge of the company is necessary, along with the continuous training of our professionals who exercise it. This we have, thanks to our team of nine highly qualified professionals who currently manage about two hundred and fifty companies, all of which differ both in size and nature.


Elena Fontova

E-mail:  elena@bufetedtr.com

  • Diploma in Administration and Business Management.
  • Master in Taxation.

Meritxell Mondragón

E-mail: meritxell@bufetedtr.com

  • Diploma in Business Science.
  • Master in Taxation.

Yeray Delgado

E-mail: yeray@bufetedtr.com

  • Graduated at A.D.E.

Meritxell Perez

E-mail: mperez@bufetedtr.com

  • Graduated at A.D.E.

Nuria Estrada

E-mail: nuria@bufetedtr.com

  • Graduated in Administration and Finances.