Dominguez-Tomas-Rey (DTR Lawyers) is a firm of lawyers, tax consultants and finance specialists, formed in 1997, being the product of the fusion of two offices: “DOMINGUEZ y TOMAS ABOGADOS ASOCIADOS”, created in 1935. It is currently formed by two partners that belong to the second and third generation of a family of lawyers, and “ASESORIA FISCAL JESUS REY, created by Jesus Rey in 1992.

“DTR ABOGADOS – ECONOMISTAS” is led by three partners, all of whom have extensive experience within their area of law and of fiscal and accounting advice.

The activities of DTR lawyers – economists are divided into four areas, all of which are closely related:

  • The civil and commercial department is headed by lawyer, Francisco Dominguez Otero, bar member since 1992.
  • The Department of Labor is headed by Berenguer Tomas Figueras, bar member since1996, with a Masters in Labor Legal Advice and a Postgraduate Degree in Labor Law and Social Security.
  • Fiscal area-accountants is headed by Jesus King Lavega, bar member since 1981.
  • The Department of Sports Law is co-directed by Francisco Dominquez and Berenguer Tomas.

The firm, today, is made up of fourteen individuals: six lawyers, two graduates in Law and Business Administration, two graduates in Labor Relations, two holders of a diploma in Business Sciences and two Administrative Technicians.

We believe that a service provided without quality is inadequate. This is the reason that an important part of our time is invested in our staff in order to maintain a high level of knowledge in the juridical, tax and accounting fields.

From our offices located in central Barcelona, we provide a modern and flexible service, as well as offering a direct and personal treatment to our clients, all backed by 75 years of experience.