Dominguez-Tomas-Rey (DTR Lawyers) is a firm of lawyers, tax consultants and finance specialists, formed in 1997, being the product of the fusion of two offices: “DOMINGUEZ y TOMAS ABOGADOS ASOCIADOS”, created in 1935. It is currently formed by two partners that belong to the second and third generation of a family of lawyers, and “ASESORIA FISCAL JESUS REY, created by Jesus Rey in 1992.

“DTR ABOGADOS – ECONOMISTAS” is led by three partners, all of whom have extensive experience within their area of law and of fiscal and accounting advice.

The activities of DTR lawyers – economists are divided into four areas, all of which are closely related:

  • The civil and commercial department is headed by lawyer, Francisco Dominguez Otero, bar member since 1992.
  • The Department of Labor is headed by Berenguer Tomas Figueras, bar member since1996, with a Masters in Labor Legal Advice and a Postgraduate Degree in Labor Law and Social Security.
  • Fiscal area-accountants is headed by Jesus King Lavega, bar member since 1981.
  • The Department of Sports Law is co-directed by Francisco Dominquez and Berenguer Tomas.

The firm, today, is made up of fifteen lawyers, two graduates in Law and Business Administration, two graduates in Labor Relations, two holders of a diploma in Business Sciences and two Administrative Technicians.

We believe that a service provided without quality is inadequate. This is the reason that an important part of our time is invested in our staff in order to maintain a high level of knowledge in the juridical, tax and accounting fields.

From our offices located in central Barcelona, we provide a modern and flexible service, as well as offering a direct and personal treatment to our clients, all backed by 75 years of experience.